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Possession of Controlled Substances in Utah

Possession of controlled substances in Utah is a crime when you have prescription drugs that have not been prescribed for you. Let’s take a deeper look…

Last week, the Drug Enforcement Agency conducted a surprise investigation on numerous NFL franchises including the defending Super Bowl champions the Seattle Seahawks.

An anonymous source told ESPN, “the inspections were motivated by allegations raised in a May 2014 federal lawsuit, filed on behalf of several prominent NFL players, who allege team physicians and trainers routinely gave them painkillers in an illegal manner to mask injuries and keep them on the field.”

Law enforcement officials have stated that the focus of this investigation is determining if there has been any improper practice on the part of the medical staff of all 32 NFL teams, specifically distributing medications without prescriptions, medications without labels, and the dispensation of prescription drugs by trainers instead of doctors. This investigation is proof that no matter how rich and powerful a person or institution is, they are not above the law.In Utah, prescription drugs are controlled substances. The improper sale, acquisition and use of these drugs is illegal. Utah classifies Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDSs) in five schedules. Schedule One and Two CDSs are the most dangerous CDSs in terms of dangerous side effects and potential for abuse.

The penalty for possession of controlled substances differs depending on which schedule a controlled substance is.  Typically, possession will be either a third-degree felony or a Class B misdemeanor.

In Utah, law enforcement agencies can access anyone’s pharmaceutical record. Law enforcement can determine how many doctors a person is seeing (“doctor shopping”); how many pharmacies a person is frequenting and which prescriptions are being filled.

Law enforcement does not even need the subpoena to access these records and they can access them without a person’s knowledge or permission.

Conviction of CDS possession is a serious matter that can cause loss of wealth and incarceration. Tangaro Law specializes in criminal drug defense.

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