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Halloween DUI

Halloween is a few days away, and the spooky spirit is descending upon the Salt Lake Valley. It’s a time for scary movies, costumes, and nights out on the town. All of this fun and excitement does carry a sinister weight with it, though. With Halloween being a night of festivities, for all ages, and given that most of the fun takes place after the sun goes down, there is an increase in DUIs. According to the NHTSA, impaired driver’s account for nearly 60 percent of Halloween highway fatalities nationally.


We urge you to drink responsibly, and NEVER get behind the wheel of a car if you have had too much to drink. The punishments for a DUI is severe, even if it is your first offense and you are in good legal standing, a DUI will cost you AT LEAST upwards of $5000. Also, Halloween brings thousands of costumed kids out on the streets at night, meaning that driving while intoxicated on Halloween increases the chance for potential tragedy exponentially.


Tangaro Law hopes that you have a safe, and fun, Halloween.


Cara Tangaro, Criminal Defense Attorney

Salt Lake City, Utah