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Utah DUI Laws for Motorized Vehicles including Boats – Utah BUI

Utah State Parks Boating As the summer heats up and the people of Utah get ready to celebrate Pioneer Day, boaters take to Utah lakes and reservoirs, keep in mind that Utah DUI laws also include boats. In fact the law covers intoxication in any motorized vehicle whether you intend to drive it or not.

Instead of passing separate boating under the influence laws – BUI, the state has adopted and applied DUI laws to boating, wave-runners, driving off road vehicles – OHVs, ATVs and snow mobiles.

Utah’s DUI law does not require the vehicle to be in operation or on a road or highway, the law requires only that the vehicle is operated in the state. An officer can make a DUI or BUI arrest at any location in the state.

Law enforcement officers can include POST certified Utah Park Rangers and Utah Division of Wildlife Resource Officers. In fact, Utah State Parks Division will often hold DUI checkpoints at local marinas. Good4Utah.com reports : The Utah State Parks and the Utah Highway Patrol have teamed up and are cracking down on drinking and driving with their new campaign “If you can drive it, you can get a DUI.”

Although Utah law requires that DUI checkpoints be published in advance there is no central location for this information. At DUIBlock.com you can purchase current checkpoint notification.

The best way to avoid any checkpoint is to not get in and operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Have a safe and happy Pioneer Day!

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