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Salt Lake City Police Department Sets Video Policy

Salt Lake City police department will be increasing the use of body video cameras officers are using in the field.  80 new cameras will be put into use in July of 2013.

A new policy for the camera usage and storage has also been put into place. The policy includes how long videos will be stored and how they will be used.

In my opinion, every police department should have audio and video.  In today’s digitized age, there is no excuse to not have it.

camera glassesI personally met with Salt Lake City Chief, Burbank and discussed these cameras.  They are attached to the police officer’s glasses. When the police officer turns to look at something, it will all be filmed.  This protects everyone involved.

This technology can assist in all types of cases from homicides to officer-involved shootings.  Defense attorneys are always the last ones to get involved in a case.

Often times, law enforcement will make judgment calls at a scene as to what is important or not.  Then, in speaking with our clients, we will realize that something that may have been pivotal has since been destroyed.  If we have video of the scene as an officer enters a crime scene, it can be helpful to the defense.

KSL report:

“Chief Chris Burbank said some of the cameras are already in use in the field, recording what officers see, do and how they interact with people. Eighty more cameras are expected to arrive at the department in July.’

‘Burbank said he sees value in live recording body cams in everything from active shooter situations to crime scene investigations. Detectives as they enter scenes can go back to what they saw as they entered the scene, rather than trying to remember it in notes they write down later.”


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