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Jameis Winston Sexual Assault Case

Florida State University’s all-star quarterback is no stranger to the limelight. In the last year Jameis Winston has gone has gone from a relative unknown to a household name. With his fame, though, the talented young athlete has received an equal part of infamy. It seems for every story about Heisman trophies and touchdown passes, there is another story that follows about off the field antics. Off the field antics aside, the star quarterback has also reached a level of infamy for being accused of sexual assault.  It is important to note that there has been a lot of media attention surrounding the accusation.  The complainant is clearly frustrated by the process.


As a former prosecutor, one of my niche criminal defense areas it to take sexual assault cases before they are criminally filed.  There are so many things that the defense can do to bolster their side of the story long before charges are ever filed.  Each case is unique and a strategy is employed depending on the particular facts of a case.


Winston made a strong decision in hiring a lawyer as soon as allegations were brought against him by the complainant. This gave him the ability to construct an excellent legal defense from the get go. This strategy later led to success at his University hearing and also no criminal charges being filed. If we can keep criminal charges from being filed, it is the best case scenario for any accused.


In this case, the media seems to be slanted in favor of the complainant.  I see this often when handling sexual assault cases.  People need to remember that allegations are simply that and without proof, they will remain allegations.  There is often a second side to the story that needs to be heard before people jump to conclusions.


The lesson to be learned from the Winston case is that it is important to act quickly when faced with charges. Winston’s lawyers were able to prepare defenses, talk to witnesses, and strategize in a way that benefited Winston greatly. If you find yourself facing allegations, call now at 801.673.9984. We will work with you to quickly create a strong, sensible legal plan that serves your individual needs. Do not wait, contact Tangaro Law. We will work swiftly and carefully to make sure that you are taken care of, and waiting around could lead to problems down the road in your defense.



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