Electing Utah Judges

Electing Utah Judges | Opinion- TangaroLawThis past week I have had several people reach out to me regarding retention of Utah Judges and I have also seen some alarming Facebook posts about people who just vote a blanket “no.” Here is my two cents: I am in court for 5-10 appearances per week and have appeared in front of 90% of these Judges in the 3rd District. If you want to read reviews and surveys go here: Utah Judge Reviews. I do not believe these surveys are fool proof. Remember that with each ruling, one party wins and one party loses. Also, not ALL attorneys review Judges. I receive about 5-8 judicial performance evaluations per year even though I appear in front of well over 30 Judges per year.

Although I believe some Judges are better than others for various reasons, I would caution a blanket “no” vote to “get in new blood” or any of the other posts I have seen. Newer is not always better and the same people will be picking the Judges that picked the already seated Judges.


Cara Tangaro

Utah Criminal Defense Attorney

Salt Lake City, Utah