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Utah’s Zion Curtain

A few years ago, I had my first experience with the Utah State Legislature, I was working on Utah’s Not a Drop law. It was an interesting learning experience on some of the illogical thoughts regarding alcohol. Recently, I was dining at one of my favorite locally owned restaurants. The owner and I began a […]

Drug Crimes and Minimum Mandatory Sentences

Eric Holder, United States Attorney General, has announced that the Justice Department will make sweeping changes to minimum mandatory sentences as applied to low level and non-violent drug offenders As a member of the defense community I am hopeful that there will be a large shift in policies at the local levels and that sentences […]

Utah Marijuana Laws: Pot and Medical Card Issues

Most people know, Utah marijuana laws do not allow marijuana use under any circumstances. For those that are not aware, marijuana (THC) or its metabolite can stay in a person’s system for as long as 30 days. This depends on use and other factors such as weight and activity level. With Utah flanked by States […]

Salt Lake City Police Department Sets Video Policy

Salt Lake City police department will be increasing the use of body video cameras officers are using in the field.  80 new cameras will be put into use in July of 2013. A new policy for the camera usage and storage has also been put into place. The policy includes how long videos will be […]

Important New Utah Case Law Related to Sexual Crimes

New important Utah case law related to sexual crimes may relate to how we would set up your Utah defense. In Utah, if you are found to occupy a “position of special trust” in relation to the alleged victim of the crime, consent is negated and you will be facing charges as if consent was […]

Salt Lake City DUI Attorney Advice on DUI Stop in Utah

To help you protect your driver’s license and avoid strong penalties, Salt Lake City DUI attorney Cara Tangaro gives advice for those who are pulled over for DUI in Utah. The upcoming Fourth of July holiday is one of the top holidays for DUI arrests in Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah areas. Warmer temperatures, […]