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Tangaro Law is a Salt Lake City, Utah based Law Firm, specializing in criminal defense. Ms. Tangaro was born and raised in Utah. 

I represent people throughout the State of Utah.

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Unique Defense Lawyer – Serving All of Utah

Utah Lawyer, Cara Tangaro is based in Salt Lake City and practices law though-out the entire state of Utah.

Your defense is unique because Ms. Tangaro is a former Salt Lake County District Attorney and handles all types of cases from misdemeanors to capital homicides.

Currently Ms. Tangaro practices regularly in:

  • Juvenile Court
  • District Court
  • Federal Court

Serving as a Utah Lawyer from Logan to St. George, Vernal to Tooele and Park City to Moab.

“At Tangaro Law, you get personalized legal representation from me.  I do not have associates or paralegals handle my cases.  I will be both accountable and available to walk you through the confusing legal process.”  Cara Tangaro

Cara Tangaro in the Media:

Case dismissed against former Ogden police officer

Judge dismissed all charges against a former Ogden police officer


Drug distribution case dismissed against former narcotics cop

Prosecutors dismissed a drug distribution case against a former Ogden police officer


Jury acquits John Swallow of all charges

John Swallow acquitted of all counts


Confronting Rape Culture: A Conversation about Consent

The Salt Lake Tribune forum will discuss consent and how to change cultures that foster sexual assault


Street Justice

On the front lines of policing crime around the downtown shelter, a cop and a homeless addict repeatedly clash


Federal prosecutor seeks to dismiss witness tampering charges

Case appeared tied to investigation of former attorneys general


A California man who was originally charged with aggravated human smuggling after a deadly crash on I-70 in Utah has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor

Moab, Utah: California man pleads guilty to negligent homicide


Bail reduced for driver charged with human smuggling

Driver denies wrong-doing in Utah human smuggling case


Charges dropped against woman accused of having sex with friend’s foster sons
33rd District Court: Millana LeBrea Jennessee

“Salt Lake County prosecutors dropped all charges against a 35-year-old woman on Tuesday, just hours before she was set to face a jury for allegedly having sex with her friend’s two teenage foster sons.”

Attempted murder charge dropped in Kearns shooting
3rd District Court: Billy Lee Rohwedder

“It’s our position that there’s not enough evidence to go forward,” Tangaro said. “This is an extremely difficult case to prosecute and pin on someone. There really are no witnesses. They don’t have a confession. They were looking at quite a few suspects when they were originally investigating this.”

No jail for man in shooting death

“Prosecutors have said the significant reduction in charges reflects problems in proving Lovendahl’s intent to kill, as well as the potential for Lovendahl to claim self-defense at trial.”

Attorneys: Rape allegations against GOP fundraiser are fabricated
Salt Lake City: Greg Peterson

“The media, the general public is immediately saying, ‘There’s four women, he’s obviously guilty.’ And we’re telling you there’s going to be information to rebut that,” she said.

Tangaro, who used to prosecute sex crimes cases for the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, says that four apparently unrelated victims could fabricate similar stories about the same man.

“Absolutely, I’ve seen it. I know the inter-workings of the DA’s office and the way screenings work and things come in and I’ve seen similar cases come across my desk,” she said.

Probation ordered for two in assault, death of Sandy man
Salt Lake City – Ryan Curtz and Austin Taylor

“Prosecutors and defense attorneys agreed with their explanations and worked out a deal that allowed both Curtz and Taylor to plead guilty to obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony, and assault, a class A misdemeanor.”

No jail for man in shooting death
West Jordan » Steven Lovendahl

“To avoid the risk of a murder conviction, and spending 15 years to life in prison, Lovendahl pleaded guilty to class A misdemeanor negligent homicide, admitting his handgun discharged when he swung it at Shepherd.”

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