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Cara Tangaro is a Utah criminal defense lawyer who practices exclusively in the state of Utah. Although Ms. Tangaro is Salt Lake City based she will represent you no matter what Utah county or city you live in.

Ms. Tangaro practices in justice and district courts from Logan to St. George and from Tooele to Moab.

Because Ms. Tangaro is very familiar with the Utah court systems and is well known to court personnel, prosecutors and law enforcement, you have defense advantages that others may not have.

Your Defense: Ms. Tangaro’s experience, as former prosecutor for the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office is to your benefit.  Because of her extensive knowledge of how the prosecution will screen and present their case she can adapt.  As a prosecutor, she handled cases as simple as misdemeanors to capital homicides.

Utah Defense Lawyer: As an experienced and successful Utah lawyer, Ms. Tangaro has handled felony jury trials including capital homicide. All clients benefit from her skill in misdemeanor motion and trial practice.

Sexual Defense Lawyer: Ms. Tangaro has special expertise in felony sex crimes. She prosecuted all types of sex crimes for three years when practicing in the District Attorney’s Office in Salt Lake City. Clients have the advantage of having a woman on their side who understands the prosecutions strategies. She is very adept at finding the weaknesses in the government’s case because of this previous experience.

Juvenile Lawyer: Families have depended up on her to minimize the long term effects of being accused of a crime as a juvenile. She has has successfully represented children in juvenile court, whom have been accused of a crime.

Federal Law: She is skilled in federal law and has successfully defended clients who have been accused of federal criminal problems.


  • Ms. Tangaro earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Utah College of Law.  Since 2001, she has been licensed and practicing law in Utah.
  • As a skilled and successful attorney, Ms. Tangaro has been invited to lecture at various universities. She has also taught classes at the Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark School of Law and taught classes at Weber State University.
  • Ms. Tangaro is active member of the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Layers. In Utah Business Magazine, she has been recognized by her peers as one of  Utah’s top attorneys and was given Utah Legal Elite acknowledgement for a number of years.
  • Ms. Tangaro has passed the rigorous screening of the Better Business Bureau.

Community Involvement

  • Ms. Tangaro was invited to speak and educate law enforcement, prosecutors and the MADD organization about the unfair and overly harsh consequences of DUI convictions in Utah at the Utah DUI subcommittee meeting.
  • The under age DUI “Not A Drop” law in Utah was successfully fought in the legislature by Ms. Tangaro. Legislators lessened the harsh, over reaching penalties associated with the law to the benefit of young people under the age of 21.


  • Juris Doctor, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • BS Political Science, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California
  • Gonzaga University in Florence, Italy / Studies Abroad

Commitment To You

“At Tangaro Law, you get personalized legal representation from me. I do not have associates or paralegals handle my cases.  I will be both accountable and available to walk you through the confusing legal process.”  Cara Tangaro, Utah Lawyer

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