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Utah Firing Squad Proposal

In a landmark decision handed down by the Utah House of Representatives, a 39-34 vote has decided to resurrect the firing squad as a method of execution. The proposal is due to be voted on in the senate soon, where many believe the voting will be just as close. The proposal is controversial to say the least.


Republican Representative Paul Ray, from Clearfield, is a sponsor of the proposal. He argues that an execution done by trained marksmen is cheaper, easier, and due to the instantaneous nature of a death by firing squad, more humane than other forms of execution. He also argues that a death by firing squad has a lower margin for error than, for instance, a botched lethal injection, which can draw out an execution. Others have criticized the bill, saying that it is a gruesome tradition and a relic of Utah’s “Wild West” past.


Firing squad executions have not been issued as a sentence since 2004. However, because some managed to be sentenced before the law came into effect, the last firing squad execution occurred in 2010. Read More→