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You want a proven criminal defense lawyer when you are faced with a criminal investigation or charges in and around St. George, Utah. You need help through these challenging times. You need to know all of your options.

You Want Sound Legal Representation

Avoid the devastating consequences that can result if you fail to get expert legal representation. We always recommend that you seek an attorney just as soon as you think you may have a problem. There is no need to wait until you have been arrested. You need Utah Attorney, Cara Tangaro. Call me if:

  • You are under investigation
  • Accusations of sexual misconduct have been made
  • You have been arrested for any crime
  • You need representation at your DUI licensing hearing
  • You need representation in Federal court
  • Your child has been arrested or is suspect in a crime

Get Free Legal Advice

Because of the nature of criminal offenses Ms. Tangaro is available 24/7 for a free no obligation meeting. She will examine your situation, explain all possible consequences and recommend what step you should take next.

Should you need our assistance, you can retain Ms. Tangaro to accompany you and protect your rights through every step of the legal process.

Understand and Know Your Options

Often, the lives of those suspected or accused of crimes become difficult. The legal system becomes a daunting task. The police and media can make you look guilty even though you have not even started the process.

Your case is unique, your circumstances deserve the full attention of a Utah defense attorney that knows how to handle the police and media. Ms. Tangaro does not pass your case on to an associate.

  • She works to help you understand all of your best options and works towards the out come that is best for you.
  • She believes in full transparency throughout the whole criminal proceedings.

What Should You Do Now?

Call now for your free, no obligation consultation with Utah Criminal Defense Attorney, Cara Tangaro. (801)673-9984.

  • Find out exactly what to do if you are under investigation.
  • Know exactly what charges may be against you.
  • Understand what consequences you may face.
  • Know exactly what steps you should be taking to protect your rights.

Because Ms. Tangaro feels that every one facing criminal charges deserve an expert defense, she travels to St. George, Utah to help clients.

Feel confident that you will find a solution to the criminal charges that you are facing.

Know that you have a proven criminal defense lawyer in St. George on your side.

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