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Provo Utah Criminal Defense Attorney, Cara Tangaro



Provo Utah Courthouse 84606

Provo Utah 4th District Court
2021 South State St
Provo, Utah 84606
(801) 354-7200

This courthouse serves Juvenile court
and trial court rooms for Provo and cities
south of Provo.

Because everyone deserves experienced representation, Utah Defense Attorney Cara Tangaro brings her tough, fair, proven legal defense to Provo, Utah and all of the surrounding areas.

Accused of a crime? Instantly, your quality of life changes. You come under the scrutiny of family, friends the police and prosecution.

You will need a defense lawyer that has experience handling :

  • The police and any investigation that may ensue
  • DUI charges and your drivers license hearing
  • The prosecution, as former prosecutor, Ms. Tangaro knows what to expect
  • The media and all interviews
  • The Judge and all court room procedures
  • The emotional roller coaster of home and job

Utah Attorney, Tangaro will personally see your case through from the start to the completion. She does not pass you off to an associate. Her goal is make sure you get a tough, fair, legal defense and help you make the right choices. She will help you understand you the charges and your options.

Areas of Expertise

Cara Tangaro has experience in everything from protecting your rights during DUI charges, to federal offenses.

  • Drug related crimes, carrying heavy consequences.
  • Protecting Juvenile rights.
  • Sex related crimes that can lead to being on the sex offenders list.
  • Keeping property related crimes from becoming serious offenses with jail time.
  • Assault and other violent crimes.

You want an attorney that will work hard to make sure the outcome of your case has the best results.

Call for your free consultation 24/7

If you find yourself or a have a loved one that is facing criminal charges in Provo, Utah, don’t hesitate to call (801)673-9984. During the consultation you will understand the charges against your and all of possible consequences you face. You will know exactly what action you will need to take next.

Cara Tangaro can help. No matter how serious your charges are.

Know you options, put Ms. Tangaro’s negotiation and court room experience on your side.

Call today…

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