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park city courthouse 84098

Park City Third District Court 

6300 North Silver Creek Road
Park City, Utah, 84098

Justice Court: (435)615-3800
Juvenile Court: (435)615-4320

Tangaro Law: (801)673-9984

All courts for the Park City area are located in the Silver Summit Justice Center approximately 6 miles from downtown Park City, off of Highway 40.

The District Court and the Juvenile Court are operated by the State of Utah. The Justice Court is operated by Summit County.

Tangaro Law helps those accused of crimes in Park City, Utah and the surrounding areas. Park City Defense Lawyer, Cara Tangaro, handles cases in Third District court and in the federal court system.

Are you faced with a potential court case and possible jail time for criminal charges? If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to seek help as quickly as possible. You want to choose and experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome.

Get Help With

  •  Police Investigations
  •  Criminal Trials
  •  Sentencing
  •  Arrest Issues
  • DUI Licensing Hearings

Utah Attorney, Cara Tangaro will personally see your case through from the start to the completion. She does not pass you off to an associate.

If you have been accused of a crime, you maybe feeling stressed and have difficulty coping. Our goal is make sure you get a tough, fair, legal defense and help you make the right choices. We help you understand the charges and your options.

Areas of Expertise

Cara Tangaro has experience in everything from protecting Juvenile rights to DUI charges, to assault and sex accusations.

  • Drug related crimes, carrying heavy consequences.
  • DUI can bring heavy fines and loss of your drivers license, even jail time.
  • Sex related crimes with daunting accusations can lead to a lifetime on the sex offenders list.
  • The consequences of property crimes, if not handle effectively, can easily become bigger than expected.
  • Federal crimes must be handled by a lawyer with experience in federal court.
  • Violent crime accusations need to be handled by a lawyer that understands and works hard for the best out-come.

Free Consultations 24/7

If you need help with criminal charges in Park City, Utah, don’t hesitate to call (801)673-9984. All consultations are free. During the consultation you will understand the charges against your and all of possible consequences you face. You will know what action you will need to take next.

No matter how serious your charges are, Cara Tangaro can help.

Put experience, court room skill and the ability to handle the press on your side. Criminal defense lawyer for Park City and surrounding areas.

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