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Grand County District Court -7th District Court
125 East Center
Moab, Utah 84532

Justice Court: (435)259-1336
Juvenile Court: (435)259-1353
Court Clerk: (435)259-1355

Tangaro Law: (801)673-9984

Tangaro law is a criminal defense firm dedicated to serving clients in the state of Utah. Attorney Cara Tangaro leverages her experience and relationships with the courts, police and media to get the best results for your criminal case. Because everyone deserves experienced representation, she handles cases for clients in Moab, Utah and surrounding areas.

Criminal Defense Advocates

As advocates for the accused, we offer honest counsel to our clients through out the entire process. We help people that are:

  • Currently investigated by the police
  • Placed under arrest
  • In need of help during bail hearings and sentencing
  • In need of an appeal
  • Facing DUI license hearings
  • Accused of sexual crimes
  • Facing federal crimes

You know there is nothing more important than competent legal representation.

  • With the media
  • With police
  • With the prosecution
  • In the court room
  • With your family

Start With Your Free Consultation

Utah Defense Attorney, Cara Tangaro understands the fear of being accused of a crime and how confusing the legal system can be.

During your free consultation her goal is to make sure your know and understand the charges against you. She will make sure you also understand the consequences that could result from those charges. You will understand your options and know exactly what your next step should be.

My Promise To You

 “At Tangaro Law, you get personalized legal representation from me. I do not have associates or paralegals handle my cases. I will be both accountable and available to walk you through the confusing legal process.” Cara Tangaro

Experience and dedication to your case make all the difference in the outcome.

Because your quality of life and the the lives of those around you hangs in the balance, we work to achieve the best possible results.

All though Ms. Tangaro is based in Salt Lake City, she works as a criminal defense attorney for clients in out lying areas, like Moab, Utah.

Call today for your consultation.

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