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Logan Utah Courthouse-Wikipedia

Cache County 1st District Court
135 North 100 West
Logan, Utah 84321

Justice Court: (435)716-9540
Juvenile Court: (435)750-1300

Tangaro Law: (801)673-9984

Logan, Utah defense lawyer, Cara Tangaro brings her tough, fair and proven defense to those in need of criminal defense in Logan and surrounding areas. Although Tangaro Law is located in Salt Lake City, Ms. Tangaro represents clients anywhere in the state of Utah.

If you are accused of a crime you may experience difficulties in:

  • Understanding the charges against you
  • Knowing the bail hearing process
  • Handling the police and police investigations
  • Understanding the court system and process
  • Working with prosecutors, their investigation and procedures
  • Handling your family, emotional stress and financial problems
  • Giving the press the correct information

Individuals accused of crimes are under tremendous stress. Cara Tangaro understands just how much your life is affected financially, socially and emotionally.

Ms. Tangaro Personally Walks You Through the Difficult Steps Related to any Criminal Allegation

The primary goal Tangaro Law is to work closely with clients through the entire legal process. And to give honest advice for best solution to any criminal allegation.

There are several stages of the criminal process following a crime, charge or allegation. You can count on Ms. Tangaro to be there through each step, including:

  • Your first personal contact following a criminal encounter
  • Your consultations regarding arrests or allegations
  • Any bail hearings
  • All preliminary hearings
  • Interviews with prosecutors and police
  • Court trials in any court system
  • Sentencing hearings
  • Any necessary appeals

No case is too small or too big, we can help individuals facing any criminal offense. For example we help those with:

  • Complex vehicle offenses: reckless driving and DUI that may result in the suspension of your license.
  • Drug offenses: such as drug possession, distribution and drug trafficking.
  • Violent crimes: the use of weapons for bodily harm, assault and murder.
  • Property crimes: theft, property damage, misdemeanor theft and vandalism.
  • Juvenile crimes: protecting your children’s rights for any crime committed by a juvenile.

Logan Utah Criminal Defense: Start With a Free, No Obligation Consultation

You are under no obligation when you discuss your options regarding your legal issues with Ms. Tangaro. The goal of your consultation is to make sure your understand the charges against you, all of the possible consequences and your options.

Know what your next step should be.

Choose Experience for the Best Results

Your case is unique. You can feel confident that Logan Utah criminal defense lawyer, Ms. Tangaro will give you her full attention, give you sound advice and work hard to bring your case to to a solid resolution for any criminal offense.

The only step you need to take now is to call Tangaro Law (801)673-9984 for your free consultation.

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