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DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Ogden, Utah

When it comes to choosing a lawyer for your DUI or criminal defense in Ogden, Utah choose experience, choose Ms. Cara Tangaro of Tangaro Law.

The process of a criminal investigation and legal proceedings are often long and involve complex paperwork. Your life and the lives of those around you are often turned upside down.

No matter the circumstance,  Ms. Tangaro has the experience to see your case through to the best possible outcome. Just take a look at some of her most recent victories.  As one of Utah’s most trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers, Ms. Tangaro is tough, fair and has a proven record for standing up for her clients rights:

  • Throughout the entire investigation process, she knows how to handle the police and prosecutors.
  • If you have been arrested for DUI in Ogden, she will be there during for your drivers license hearing.
  • From arrest through arraignment, she works for a quick resolution.
  • During all trials and hearings, her court room experience works in your favor.

Ogden DUI Lawyer phone number Tangaro Law represents clients in Weber County, including Roy and Ogden, Utah.

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