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Utah’s Zion Curtain

A few years ago, I had my first experience with the Utah State Legislature, I was working on Utah’s Not a Drop law. It was an interesting learning experience on some of the illogical thoughts regarding alcohol.

Recently, I was dining at one of my favorite locally owned restaurants. The owner and I began a discussion concerning the Zion Curtain. I was vaguely familiar with this law, but had not really delved into the specifics. Once I did, I am appalled that laws such as this still exist.

Zion curtains are partitions that separate restaurant bartenders preparing alcoholic drinks from the customers of their establishment. There are a few thoughts as to why the barriers are in place. Some say the barriers are to minimize excessive drinking by keeping alcohol out of sight of restaurant patrons who choose not to consume alcohol. Others feel the purpose is to minimize the exposure of alcohol to children and thus reduce underage drinking. Read More→