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Happy and Safe New Year’s Eve

Wishing you a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!


During the New Year’s Eve holiday the Utah Highway Patrol and other local police agencies have a heightened presence, including DUI checkpoints throughout the state.    Read More→

Halloween DUI

Halloween is a few days away, and the spooky spirit is descending upon the Salt Lake Valley. It’s a time for scary movies, costumes, and nights out on the town. All of this fun and excitement does carry a sinister weight with it, though. With Halloween being a night of festivities, for all ages, and given that most of the fun takes place after the sun goes down, there is an increase in DUIs. According to the NHTSA, impaired driver’s account for nearly 60 percent of Halloween highway fatalities nationally. Read More→

The High Cost of DUI in Utah

You may have heard that a DUI in Utah can cost around $10.000.00. That is probably not a bad estimate when you consider paying in lost time from work and paying for all the consequences that come with a DUI arrest. Of course, the cost of a DUI in one specific case will greatly depend on the circumstances of the DUI.

Is this a First Offense, Second Offense or Third Offense?

All fines and fees depend on how many times you have been arrested into consideration along with any extenuating circumstances like your blood alcohol content and who was in the car with you at the time of your arrest.

Photo by Penn Waggener

Photo by Penn Waggener

First Offense: At least $2150.00 if you are on the good side of the law.

Fines of at least $700.00 plus a surcharge making your fine about $1,400.00. Depending on the circumstances your fine could be as high as $2000.00.
Courts will generally allow you to pay a fine off over the period of probation which is usually 12 months.
Jail time of at least 48 hrs. Lets say the the average person loses $200.00 for 2 days of lost work time. Read More→

Should I Refuse a Field Sobriety Test In Utah?

As a Utah DUI Defense Attorney, I am often asked if a person should refuse to take the Field Sobriety Tests (FST). Because Field Sobriety Tests in Utah are not mandatory it is a very good question. So let me give you some facts that will help you make up your mind.

testsUtah DUI Laws allow for 4 Field Sobriety Tests

The first 3 field sobriety tests have been approved by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

NHTSA has formulated particular procedures for officers to follow when administrating these tests. Read More→

Utah Implied Consent Law and DUI Chemical Tests

Photo by Greg Mathews - Flickr

Photo by Greg Mathews – Flickr

Because most people do not plan on being pulled over for DUI they are not aware that Utah has an Implied Consent Law.

  • You do have the right to refuse field sobriety tests or any roadside tests.
  • You have the right to remain silent.
  • Once you are arrested you have agreed to take chemical tests (implied consent.)
  • You also have the right to call lawyer once you have been arrested and taken or refused your chemical tests.

Read More→

What Happens If You Are Vacationing in Utah and Get a DUI?

During the summer, Utah is a vacation paradise. Our state boasts 5 National Parks, including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef along with 45 State Parks.

As a Utah DUI Defense Attorney, I am frequently asked, “What happens if I get arrested for DUI in Utah while vacationing from another state?” It is a good question since every state has their own DUI Laws.

Like most states, in Utah you can be arrested for driving any motor vehicle while you are impaired by drugs or alcohol. This means you can be arrested for driving a boat, jet skis and OTVs.

DUI Arrests In Utah

Simply put, you are subject to Utah’s DUI Laws and Penalties. Read More→

Utah DUI Laws for Motorized Vehicles including Boats – Utah BUI

Utah State Parks Boating As the summer heats up and the people of Utah get ready to celebrate Pioneer Day, boaters take to Utah lakes and reservoirs, keep in mind that Utah DUI laws also include boats. In fact the law covers intoxication in any motorized vehicle whether you intend to drive it or not.

Instead of passing separate boating under the influence laws – BUI, the state has adopted and applied DUI laws to boating, wave-runners, driving off road vehicles – OHVs, ATVs and snow mobiles.

Utah’s DUI law does not require the vehicle to be in operation or on a road or highway, the law requires only that the vehicle is operated in the state. An officer can make a DUI or BUI arrest at any location in the state. Read More→

Utah DUI Checkpoints – Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights, DUI Checkpoints, Fourth of July Weekend

Fourth of July weekend is upon us. This is the time for us to celebrate the birth of our nation and appreciate the rights and privileges we have by being American citizens. It’s important that you know what your constitutional rights are and how they apply to a Utah DUI Checkpoint.

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DUI New Year’s Eve

To help you protect your drivers license and avoid strong penalties, Salt Lake City DUI attorney Cara Tangaro gives advice for those who are pulled over for DUI in Utah.


Often our DUI clients ask us what they could have done differently during their DUI stop. Our first piece of advice is to not put yourself in the position of getting a DUI, if drinking, please take a cab or have a DD (designated driver). This New Year’s Eve AAA Utah is offering free rides home.

 Salt Lake City DUI Attorney Cara Tangaro’s Advice if Pulled Over for Suspected DUI Read More→

Salt Lake City, DUI and Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is the last of the summer celebrations, the days are becoming shorter, temps are starting to cool off and kids are back in school. It also ranks second as the holiday with the most DUI incidents in Utah.

Today before the University of Utah football game law enforcement agencies were passing out DUI prevention barbecue sauce in an effort to raise DUI awareness. These sauces included catchy names like, “Drive Sauced, get busted: Warden Ted’s Orange Jumpsuit BBQ sauce” and “Ted’s Sweet jailhouse Hickory BBQ Sauce.”

KSL News Story

So as you fire up the BBQ this weekend and lather on that barbecue sauce, remember to not put yourself in the position of getting a DUI, if drinking, please take a cab or have a DD (designated driver).

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of getting pulled over for suspected DUI, Salt Lake City DUI Attorney, Cara Tangaro has the following pieces of advice. Read More→